Auction Information

Auctions are a great way to find and buy undervalued properties!  

We represent a number of ON LINE AUCTION FIRMS.  To get on our AUCTION LIST please complete the AUCTION REGISTRATION FORM.  Once registered we will send notifications and valuable links to property auctions in your area.

To navigate the AUCTION PROCESS you benefit from allowing me and AVAST REALTY to serve as your agent in completing the bidding and purchase process.  Buying properties at Auction has many risks.  You need assistance to help steer clear of any unforeseen circumstance.


1.  Are there any leins on the property?  Most auction properties are sold "as is".  Many have leins, unpaid taxes, levies accrued HOA dues, etc. Not knowing could cost you thousands more.  

2.  Title Insurance?  Many auction properties are sold with NO TITLE INSURANCE.  Buyers are to cure any title defects,  encroachments, leins, etc. on many auctions.

3.   Is the property OCCUPIED?  Many auction properties are sold "occupied" by tenants or former owners.  Buyers  are  required to hire attorneys to EVICT the occupants.  This is a lengthy and costly process.

 4.  Is there legal access to the property?  Many auction properties are sold with no access to the property.  

You need a qualified AGENT to represent you with the purchase of an auction property.  I have over 10 years experience getting my investors INCREDIBLE deals on auction properties and helping them to avoid costly mistakes.

Best of all, my auction buyer representation is FREE!.  That's right the cost of Buyer Agent Services are all paid by the seller and those costs are already included with the Auctioneers fees to the seller.